Crystal pendants draw the contours of a chandelier’s beauty. Our selection features classic French pendalogues, U-drops, prisms, rosettes or full cut almonds. Delicate crystal chains may be fashioned using a rich variety of beads, olives or square stones. For a whimsical touch, add hand crafted grape clusters, willow leaves, crystal fruits or solid and hollow spikes of exquisite cuts.


BOWLS & Bobechess

An essential part of each chandelier. Innumerable shapes and surface designs accentuate the singular character of each piece. Multiple layers of cutting patterns expose the unrivaled Bohemian artistry and reflects our dedication to work exclusively with local glass masters.


CENTER parts

Center parts compose the core chamber of a chandelier. They also provide an elegant cover for the main ceiling pipe holding the weight of the entire fixture. From the richly cut tall columns to the round hollow globes, these fine crystal bodies are the heart of every classic chandelier.



Our crystal arms are made of delicate glass, yet deliver strong foundational support for the other elements of a fixture. We offer different widths and lengths of crystal arms in order to preserve an aesthetic ratio to the overall size of the lighting fixture. Our customers seek anything from classic S-arms to tailor made silhouettes that give each chandelier its own distinct look. Be it the six-edge hexagon cut, elegant rope pattern or plain surface finish, your arms will always stand out.


All products can be found in our online pdf catalogue. Please drop us your email in case you need a hard copy